Natural simplicity.

Woodchuck creates wooden furniture, but we also know how to remodel your house and interior, styling and concept development. Keywords for our designs are simplicity, atmospheric and functionality with a natural look. 

 “Even though we love simplicity, our creations always radiate warmth, Woodchuck shows that minimalism can indeed be atmospheric”

Passion and love for the trade.

The people behind Woodchuck are Rutger and Tinta and, off course their big inspiration, their daughter Dieuwertje. They love nature, Japan, travelling, simplicity, the beach, surfing, yoga and being creative.

From an early age Tinta has been into interiors, coloring and design. She has a strong feel for atmosphere. Rutger loves woodwork and doesn’t like to sit still. So it’s more than logic that the two of them combined forces in 2017. By combining their talents and strengths Woodchuck became a multi faceted creative company that spins around passion and love for the trade.