Thomas, Woodchuck-Carpenter

"I really like the challenges that the Woodchuck pieces bring to my work as a carpenter: The focus on small & specific details, on designing concepts, sketching and constantly improving the process."

Jelena, Woodchuck-Quality Assurance Manager & Packing

"I love the idea that I’m giving these beautiful wooden products the last finishing touches & making sure that the customers out there have a smile on their face when unwrapping the package."

Maxi, Product-Manager & Marketing

"To me, Woodchuck means finding beauty in simplicity over and over again. And that is exactly what I love about nature, the mountains and my morning yoga sessions as well. The main focus is on pure reduction to the essentials and that is very much relaxing nowadays."

Martin, Woodchuck-Carpenter

"Over 30 years ago I did a summer job at a carpenter’s shop which changed my life. I got hooked on the material wood immediately with it’s distinctive smell and texture and since then it’s been my passion to be surrounded by and work with wood every single day."

Marco, Head of Woodchuck

"I love the simple design and aesthetics of Woodchuck. What I love most, however, is the energy those furniture pieces give me back. It calms me down and at the same time it always puts a smile on my face."

Elke, Creative Heart of Woodchuck

"As a Designer and a mother I really appreciate the versatility of the Woodchuck pieces. With Woodchuck we can show how contemporary and sustainable wooden designs can be and how much warmth, peace and positive energy it can bring into your lives."

Sven, Manager & Mentor of Woodchuck

"I used to be an electrical engineer back in the days, so what I personally love about the Woodchuck products is the pure simplicity in design, reaching from the special plug-in conncetions of the furniture pieces to the easy assembling processes including very little screws. We're constantly working on making more and more products screw-free."