Get to know Woodchuck 

We believe that the quality of our life is largely influenced by our environment and the spaces we inhabit. That’s why we manufacture furniture that will help you create a home which makes you feel good.

The minimalist design leaves space for your individual needs. It even leaves space to grow and to change with life's changing circumstances.

The reduction to the essentials and the warmth of the natural wood leads you back to yourself  & nature, which we are all part of.

Woodchuck was found in 2017 in the Netherlands and moved to Germany in 2023. Here the heart project found people full of passion and love for local craftmanship and simple design.

The wooden pieces are all designed under the aspects of natural simplicity, individual functionality and timeless design.

"This all creates a warm & cozy minimalism. Join us and make your house a home"

Natural Simplicity

The simple shapes, natural materials and traditional techniques of carpentry take us back to our roots and help us living a slow and conscious life.

Individual Functionality

The reduced design creates space for versatile use and serves individually pragmatically the needs of the people they are made for.

Timeless Design

A design that never goes out of style combined with high quality craftmanship and long lasting, renewable materials is able to create furniture that surrounds you in your everyday life and supports you in your way of life – far beyond time and trend.

"This all creates a warm & cozy minimalism. Join us and make your house a home"